MILANO FASHION WEEK FW 24  has just finished.. So here’s the presentation of the most beautiful and important this year shows. From debuts to the most storical houses of fashion in the world. Epic creations, unexpected combinations, new entry into the world of high society of creators. We couldn’t miss anything and we will present you 20 best of the best!


Daniel del Core – the revolutionary genius!


The brand DEL CORE was born around 2019 and few moments later had its debut during Fashion Week. Creations of Daniel are unique in every single element. He doesn’t copy, he creates new era of unrepeatable pieces. His security leads to receive confidence in a sculpted statement of originality. Indeed. The world of celebrities, his collegues and all the world said THANK YOU to exist!


sourse: @milanofashionweek


Alberta Feretti – spread the cards!


She plays the cards and offers her personal vision of a contemporary femininity dominated by contrats. Strong message to the ones who get used to her previous collections. This year is more into romantic and secure at the same time line full of fragile sexappeal.

sourse: @milanofashionweek


Walter Chiapponi – new creative director makes dreams between reality


Selflove is something, that should be declared always. ALSO freedom comes to have at this point acceptance in a real life. Fur-stitched wool, thin spotted dresses, and the vigil. Petticoat and the coat put togheter. So Feminine!

sourse: @milanofashionweek


Daniele Calcaterra – founder of clothes made by dreams


Almost 10 years ago founded the glory of creations. His elegance without mold had a huge influence in the world of high fashion and the minimal luxury won hearts of everyone. Little pieces of art in Calcaterra edition are never banal.

sourse: @milanofashionweek


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana – a woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke


Incredible, how strong recognition can have a fashion designer. Eternal mold in the most classic feminine edition. The masculine touch make women even more feminine and mentioning this word more than one time, can let you imagine how strong effect gives D&G to woman!

source: @milanofashionweek


Renzo Rosso – the classy that shocks


Beside the collections every year… new, fresh and rejuvenating. Fashion shows are really SHOWS! Season by season, Diesel invents new kind of catwalks. Last year was free for public and this year the show was opened only for stars and around 1,000 members on zoom meeting, that was righ a side of the catwalk.

sourse: @philippofior from vogue runway


Giorgio Armani – raining elegance, literally


How much love and tribute to the woman’s body. Romantisizing in every detail to extend the beauty, the large black skirts with stars printed with a white outline. “The stars are emblematic of something unattainable but which we would like to know” says Giorgio Armani in the most romantic expression possible after the stress of a fashion show. Indeed, during the show models were walking under almost the snow, in the situation created to give an impression of a romantic night.

source: @milanofashionweek


Fendi makes meeting between Rome and London


Never going too much far away from classic Fendi, new collection has new entries, like colours, accessories. London nonchalance meets Roman freedom in the FW 24 FENDI collection, where utility becomes a declaration of intent. Modern and comfortable clothes are inspired by British culture for a visual and textile theatrical research.

source: @milanofashionweek


Maximillian Davis – the continuation in the seduction scene


Delicacy and strengh. This is what Ferragamo’s women need to wear. Between red and juicy autumnal colours, into heavy coats connected with the thin layer of trasparency.

source: @milanofashionweek


Sabato de Sarno – creativo cuore di Gucci


Claret, military, delicate, sparkling. High platform flats with anti-rain effects. Maximalism in a sparle touch. New bags, as new dream of every girl. Spectacular elegance.

source: @milanofashionweek


James Long – project towards the future


Minimal in epic edition. Means, you don’t need a lot to surprise. You need less to be spectacular! The yellow coat? We think, there’s a new allert for the second colour of the next season! And to be present with this season Iceberg celebrate 50º anniversary. So let’s celebrate together this essence of optimism in creations.

source: @milanofashionweek


Ian Griffiths – the teddy bear icon


The coat is their red flag. So the style is quite obvious in its not obvious combinations. It is because of sensuality of every detail. Netherless of a military regime, there is a lot of space an unique detail!

sourse: @milanofashionweek


Filippo Graziooli – a supervisioner of lifestyle


Zigzags will have an ethernal spectrum of composition. “The ones of the stripes”. Filippo Grazioli returns to his origins with a collection that pays homage to stripes, which has always been an element . All in one is in details! Also faux fur included and transfomed into a stripe ball. MEANS next winter we are ready more than a fashionistas!

sourse: @milanofashionweek


Massimo Giorgietti – the real energy into the future


Shine bright with contrasts. Shining leather with contrasting colours. Retro style in new york edition. Without rules, that make uncovered almost legs be secure under oversized coats and jackets.

source: @milanofashionweek


Andrea pompilio – the fusion of formal and sportswear


Sounds like innovations in a fashion world don’t know a break! The elegance from catwalk breaks instead the touch of street/sports wear. Always in high edition. And don’t forget to pop the colour!

source: @milanofashionweek


Lorenzo Serafini – new romanticizm


They say “The infamous Hitchcock women silhouettes were the main source of inspiration for the fall 2024 collection of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini”. It’s about the connection with the style in Hitchcock’s movie – the short strapless dress in duchesse. So all the artistic world has continously an influence from each and every direction. Let’s welcome the shining color palette in autumn style.

source: @milanofashionweek


Prada – an infinite luxury


The love story with the past. This is how much one style created 100 years ago can have an influence on its own future. Bows in abundance it was one of main details. And it never ruined the prada recognizible frame.

source: @milanofashionweek


Matteo Tamburini – the pride in his debut


An italian lifestyle recognized in few details. Beautifully made in Italy. Jackets with slightly widened proportions, cotton and leather trench coats, the inevitable twin set, skirts, thin trousers and turtleneck sweaters, peacoats, knitted vests, leather suits. And the oversized jacket with four big pockets, a must-have at Tod’s. And then a renewal on the fetish “gommino” and almost a porte bonheur of Diego Della Valle’s brand.



source: @milanofashionweek


Peter Hawkings – seductive new Tom Ford


Seduction takes part of every woman’s clothes. It’s like written in unvisible bible of fashion. Tom Ford’s woman mixes the strengh with super feminility. Inspired by military lines and finishing on a total sexy touch.



source: @milanofashionweek


Versace – a post punk glamour


“The clothes take the codes of contemporary formal tailoring and disrupt them with cut, drape, and embellishment,” said Donatella Versace. “The [Versace] woman is a good girl with a wild soul,” the designer said. “She is prim but sexy.” 
All those words can’t have other meaning like – VERSACE!



source: @milanofashionweek



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