MFW is an experience rich in million aspects. The fraze from my last experience, that is always actual. When it comes to streetstyle it’s something really personal. Even when you go to see some certain show or just to know people and socialize with the once are doing what you do – shootings. Shoothings on the streets with known photographers. Waht you wear there is really important. You can choose to wear creations from big designers, mix them or just invent something yours, but realtive to the exact show…

Where the word STREETSTYLE come from? It’s accepted that style was born out of New York city hip-hop culture, between 1970-80s. So principally it was about youth culture mixing styles. Later this term passed more on luxury meaning and is really important in fashion world. Since exist fashion shows – exist at the same level street style from before and after shows.


So let’s see what and how I was wearing my outfits!



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