Discover my plant based creations which is the colorful side of everyday cooking and nourishing life


Here you will learn about nourishing plant life and the huge impact on health and our planet


Lets come together inside 100% vegan and vegan friendly restaurants and hotels from all over Italy and not only!


I am going to lead you through plant based life,
showing you how easy and healthy life can become.
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food Yanny the Yanny

Welcome to
Yanny the Yanny
to the creative part of my plant based life!

My name is Olga and I am a self tought food photographer and cook.

On this page you will discover my interest to a food photography and crazy side of creating my own recipes! Mostly breakfasts and desserts whithout any guilt! But it is not all the part, because I am going to show you how I veganized many recipes form all over the world!

You will enter into my world of healthy habits. I am going to show you how not proccessed food and simple veggies have a huge impact on our bodies and life in general. I will lead you through the world of vegan news, but most interresting part will be, to take you to many restaurants and hotels starting from around the place I live, which is Italy! I can say, that it will be so much fun! Maybe someone will be interested about cruelty free cosmetics and clothes, so lets start this journey together!


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