MISSION Yanny the Yanny 


Oh hello to everyone and welcome in my little space. I am really excited to invite you to explore my world of healthy and plantbased life. This is not a very first time I am opening blog. It already happened about 7 years ago, when I decided to change my life and went vegan… For many reasons I stopped blogging, but never stopped my plant journey. What more? Even when life brought me many challenges(yes, i dont call them problems on purpose) to survive, I never stopped to create and photoghraph of what i was eating. In the meantime I changed country and many jobs…

Ok it was to only to start so lets get me know better! Here’s my little story!

I grew up in a small city in Poland. I was going to become a professional swimmer and a musician playing flauto and piano… Since early years I was a crazy kid with a desire to change the world with my inner energy and sun hidden in my heart, which was shining always, no matter what! I remember few nice episodes from my childhood that make my still smiling! I was so full of light that meanwhile travelling with my parents I was making friends with strangers, hugging almost everyone! It had to be so much embaracing for them, but at the end we were laughung a lot and how to say, it was bringing us closer, as a family. Later of course life gave me few hard lessons, that normally others could deny that kind of positivity, but not me. Even if I was very often shocked with myself I never lost this bright attitude to life. This is my priority in life to keep that sparkle always. It is hard sometimes, but who else will take care of you, and your health if not you? So my life quote is – to be that sparkle to someone – to yourself, to some stranger, beacuse you never know what passed the person you just met, to all people you know already… family, friends, ect.. cause this way, we are the witnesses of the wonderful advenuture which is. Even if I could forget it sometimes, it was always my destiny, to be this way.

So to continue my short story… After 10 years of music school I went to university to study the history of music. I wanted to become also a doctor, thats why I attended a highschool with this specialization. I was also close to finalise my dream to become a solist, but unfortunatly I broke my arm and had a car accident. A lot of bad health sotries were about to start, so my dreams has changed a little bit. During highschool I was starting already to be interested about a healthy food and it brought  me to discover a completely new life later and create new dreams.

After few years of history of music my heart brought me to Italy, without knowing the language but it didnt let me to leave my passions, only to make them ‘swim slower’. So I chalenged myself and learned italian all by myself, I experienced lots of different jobs, really hard and not satisfying. Thanks to my never lost park, after 2 years I started to take my first experiences in the kitchen and show to others that its needed only to be stubborn. I lived for almost 5 years in a small town in mountains so I had to accustom myself to the energy of this place. From one hand incredibly amazing landscapes everywhere ,from the other hand instead, kinda limitated society

Unfortunately in this period I stopped blogging, I stopped myself in many things, but I was active more or less on instagram with my creations. But I dont want you to get bored with those little irrelevant stories and I will tell you about HOW I SWITCHED VEGAN! Cause for this reason WE ARE HERE! 

MISSION Yanny the Yanny


Many people are questioning themselves, why someone decided to change completely his eating habits to such an enormous rigor, which is not only stopping completely to eat meat, but all products becoming from animals!

As I mentioned above, I had some health problems and it was the main reason I have decided to change completely my way of eating. Almost 8 years ago I experienced a nightmare, which practically destroyed my organism, but also changed my life. I spent almost 1 moth in the hospital, barely moving weighing 45kg, I suffered a lot. Doctors couldnt figured out quickly what was happening and I could die if didnt discover in time – my immune and digestive system was attacked by a dangerous bacteria. This was the epicentrum of my health struggles, cause for months I have been suffering from digestive problems. I knew about some food allergies, but never stopped for, maybe, change something in my diet until that horrible moment. I suffered from many hypofunctions and my organism was low in many vitamins and minerals…netherless I was eating normally like any other meat eater… Unfortunately there were not doctors who helped me to cure, because how you can get better if you receive on disposition only medicines and no food tips? I started to make reserches and study by myself, cause I had too much big desire to feel better. This attitude brought me to the place, where I happily talk about this now !

Being vegan, eating vegan, WHAT!? Every new situation creates you new possibilties! I followed this mantra and here I am! To be honest here I am since 8 years! NEW lands, new experiences, new, people, new food, new everything! Before those 8 years, when I heard someone is vegan, I was thinking that nation is crazy! But until you find yourself in someone else°s shoes… Since that moment I am stronger, happier and almost dont get sick, and if I do, my body is so fast to get back in health! At the beginning I completely didnt know from what to start, but quickly discovered new ways of preparing dishes and thanks to spices I discovered a whole new life!

Immagine if you were to find yourself in the woods, lost, without or with few things to survive…you do make it, because the situation pushed you…With veganism its a little bit like this, but not completely, obviously no one pushed you to do it. Its your choice. And depends from how much you desire to stay well. So I stared my journey between meat substitutes, new ways of getting my vitamins, the colorful world of spices and my love which are sweets. Have you ever heard about sweets without any guilt? So in short I had to VEGANISE everything!

MISSION Yanny the Yanny

Why I started to create recipes and make pictures of what I was eating – WHY TO SHARE IT?

All this NEW LIFE inspired me on a crazily level to develop my imagination and creativity. Artistic soul and colorful perception of life had a huge impact on what I started to create. 

Here arrive the question about why I started to create recipes… Why? It is a quite easy question to make, to someone who had to reinvent a whole daily menu.  I started to read lots of articles, blogs, watch online cooking classes, looking for some inspirations. And after a while I understood that I like to invent! I love how new food had a powerful impact on how I was feeling and started to love that my creativity about that was growing! So experimenting I started to write recipes and cook with my sens of connecting new ingredients sprinkling over magic spices. I just knew that certain food and tastes combinations had to go as I felt… So finding myslef online I found that others were sharing their ideas too, so quickly started my new jorney.

/I remember my feeling after cooking my first cool dish.. I remember I was all excited and electrisized, beacuse I cooked somthing new, far away from any tradition. It was completely mine, and the feeling was close to when you fall inlove with someone. Maybe I overreact, because I am also a realy fragile and emotive person but I knew it wasnt only a satisfaction. And guess what? I still have this feeling! So I guess it kinda means its my destination. And YES! IROMANTISIZE LIFE! I never studied cuisine in any school, theres a really long time before I can say, Ok I am opening my restaurant. But little satisfactions can arrive now, because all that I know I learend and developed by myself./

But until now only text was counting – somewhere there on the internet – there were so many pictures of people similar to me that somehow it motivated me to use my phone. At the beginnig I was making a normal pictures straight from my kitchen and sending around my family and friends to vaunt about what I cooked. Of course who knew me wasnt so shoked and was happy about to try my new dishes. Of course around , in time, I met also a huge critic wave, but my family was so supportive that I could only continue to grow…Few month later I bought my first camera and started to experimate with it, with time found also a nice hobby to collect a colorful backgrounds so my photography could become more serious. And this way from zero, I learned by myself how to cook vegan and I can almost call myself a food photographer. I hope. What do you think?

My  early begginings as a vegan started with healthy breakfasts, cause I understood how important is to start your day right. I was calling them always ROYAL BREAKFASTS, cause are rich and fueled not only with colours but filled to the maximum with nutrients. Someone said ones …In the morning eat like a king, at lunch behave like a lord and for the evening stay humble.

After a while I understood that my destiny is to create! It was always in this way and it stayed

 What you will find here AS RECIPES AND ARITICLES


I am goin to show you how I veganise a normal cucisine, pimped up with all my crazy ideas…So wait, because I collect more than 400 recipes, and wont mention how many are waiting to be photographed!

Thats why here on the area of recipes you can expect mostly breakfast recipes, really and literally in all the colours, later also wide space take dessert recipes BEACUSE TAKE AN IMPORTANT PLACE IN MY HEART. And one day you will discover why /its connected with one of my dreams, but its better to dont say them all in loud! The page is already online – so here is one of them! Of course through  years of being vegan I experimented with many cuisines, so I will be happy in short future to share my recipes based on many kinds of dishes inspired from all over the world!

Now, even after short °intership° of healthy life I will help you to get better with some of delicious facts and how to deal without bigger difficulties with vegan world. What really offers to us a powersful side of plants and the basics !

I will propose you an article area where I will be sharing my experiences, like also facts form vegan world and huge part will take health benefits.

MISSION Yanny the Yanny MISSION Yanny the Yanny

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