Osteria in bolla

Una magnifica esperienza per anima e palato


Come with me to discover my BEST discover…

Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny

Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny

Welcome to my very first RESTAURANT REVIEW and not without the reason, I’ve picked this place! As a vegan should follow the rule, to show only vegan places, but my instinct took me to this restaurant. Is placed on one of the most picturesque hills, near the place I live – over Marostica. It’s not 100% plant based place and for the irony I HAVE NEVER EATEN BETTER than here!

That’s why I’ve decided to take you here, for discover why I fell in love with this place, that now seems like home for me. Not simply because of the views surrounding this place. BUT for the energy of the host and every one who works there. The design inside, every element of decorations that is different one from another, but at the end all become complete and unique. 

Two ingredients make a restaurant a PERFECTION. The first is – contact – so what you see entering and how you were welcomed – so also a good wine! (this place is immersed with good wines) The second component – THE MAGIC of what’s happening behind the ‘scenes’ – in kitchen.

And here, I think they nailed it!


I ask you. How is it possible that non vegan cook knows perfectly how to prepare vegan meals? It’s need to be maestry and stroke of genius. But all this would be impossible without passion, cause I’ve never seen such creativity about vegan plates, like here! I had a pleasure to meet the cook and what shocked me was his humility and kindness! Unfortunately he is not working there anymore, but a piece of his heart is still here and he teached the ones who have taken his place.




Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny


(vegan version)

Olive di Cerignola marinate 

Perle di zucca in agrodolce al bitter 

Hummus di piselli, anacardi, menta e polvere di limone bruciato 

Carpaccio di sedano rapa, tahina di nocciole, granola salata e olio al basilico 

Zucca fritta in pane panko, spuma di curry thai, yogurt di mandorla e pesto di menta 

Spuma di yogurt veg, crumble al caramello e crema di mango 

Tenerina con gelato al caramello



Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny

Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny




WHAT SURPRISED ME? My experience about any bite and sip of wine

THE most interesting thing is the perfect matching of uncertain combinations of ingredients, that in this case goes over expectation. This is really something extra, when it comes to creativity with vegan plates. 

‘DA APERITIVO’ – apetizers – if someone would say marinate some sweet vegetable in Campari – someone else could say, it’s crazy. I won’t say it and whats more, I ask for more!

HUMMUS – the obvious significant of this word in this case – in the case of this places – goes really over the expectaion . This chickpea cream known first from ancient Egypt, nowadays has many variants and combining peas and cashew, topped with mint and powdered burned lemon… – I say heaven, and compliments for the perfect consistence and the idea!

CARPACCIO OF CELERY ROOT – as not so well known vegeteble here in Italy, I am obsessed with this salad created with an amazing sauce. Makes my number one since I discovered  OSTERIA IN BOLLA.

FRIED PUMKIN – aka fish wings! Only when you dip your first wing in the sauce your palate will forget YOU HAVE TRIED A VEGAN MEAL!


Sounds easy, but only the master will make it seems like it’s non vegan! The similarities to non vegan desserts are not existing anymore. SO I really recommend you, to try not one, but more vegan desserts!

And the secret is, that vegan is without any guilt!


Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny




DON’T WORRY IF YOU’RE NOT VEGAN! I can ensure you, that you will also eat here divinely! And as a vegan girl I will not be afraid to reccomend this way. At the end, this place is born with a traditional italian northern cuisine, but noone will find nothing boring in the menu, starting from apetizers and finishing on dessertes, wines and drinks included… That’s why I am devoted to this vegan friendly and so opened place and free from any discrimination…


Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny




Here is waiting you a wide range of white, red, sparkling and re-fermented wines. All of them chosen with care and all the staff  will advice you wisely the right one! What’s more, really often they organise wine evenings, where the food is accompanied by a wide degustation of wines and knowledge of producers.


Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny



Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny




As I mentioned at the beginnig, this place is a unique experience. The professionalism is well united, when it comes to treat every single client. Seems like a second home just invented for your desire of being between friends and people that respect you. So this is a real meaning of italian word – OSTERIA. 

Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny
Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny
Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny
Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny

Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny



I think there is noone who could complain about the prices, because the sophistication of plates and wide spectrum of wines can meet with real prices. Sometimes you can spend here less money and eat better and more than in some fanciful restaurant!



This restaurant is the most powerful antidepressant you can find, thanks to the extremely professional and smiling staff, but more is merit of food which is taken to another level, more than the perfection of each dish.




Osteria in bolla Yanny the Yanny



con wasabi peas 


con anacardi tostati, menta e melograno e polvere di limone 


con insalatina riccia, limone fermentato e riso soffiato


Mousse al cioccolato bianco con composta di lamponi su terra di cioccolato 

WHAT’S IMPRESIVE? The perfection of their cuisine’s technic! HAVE YOU EVER found kimchi in any restaurant of this region in Italy? I din’t… So as a first…and the best. REMENTED LEMON with puffed cooked rise…


Clicking in the link below, You will find the contact how to reach them!



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